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Celebrating the 104th Swim Thru Perth

The Swim Thru Perth is Australia’s oldest open water swim having first been held in 1912. Although there have been many changes to the race course and distance over the years, the race has always been held in January in the Swan River.  Throughout the history of the event the race has only been interrupted by the two World Wars, a polio epidemic and the Covid epidemic in 2021.


Claremont Masters has been the proud Event Coordinator since 1985 and has seen the event steadily grow from 50 swimmers in 1912 to 300 in 2020. The event in 2024 will be a straight line course from the city to Matilda Bay for the flagship 3.5k Classic. There will also be an out and back swim of 800m and 1.6k from Matilda Bay. Registrations and briefings all take place at Matilda Bay and The Classic event swimmers will be transported by bus to the start line near the City.

800m, 1600m, 3.5km
Sunday 21 January 2024
Matilda Bay, Crawley


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